Why I do what I do…

Short Sales fall apart, buyers change their minds, lender’s implement new guidelines, appraisers struggle to bring in values, just a few example that make our Real Estate market tough. There are so many factors that keep every sale in suspense like a Cirque du Soleil act. It makes one wonder where have we come and where is our Real Estate market going? Obviously that is million dollar question, along with have we hit bottom yet? In either case, I’ve come to conclude that it does not matter what the answer is, all that matters is…What can I do to do my part today?

On a dreary Sunday afternoon this past fall I contemplated whether I go out and hold an Open House on one of my vacant listing in hopes of meeting a new client or stay home in comfort and watch football. I decided to do the Open House and surprising enough with only 2 showings that day, I secured a buyer. Within the next 45 days we went to closing, during that time for some interesting reason I kept reflecting on how the decision to go out on that Sunday in hopes of making a sale and how taking action sparks so many additional activities and transactions. It gave a loan agent a loan to process, a termite, roofing, chimney and property inspector a property to inspect, an appraiser a property to appraise, a home warranty company a property to issue coverage, a title and escrow company a file to close. Not too mention the other minor repairs that were needed on the property as a result of the inspections that provided work for others. In fact I know the new buyers ordered new furniture and window covering so the ripple effect and positive impact on our economy continues.

When I think back of my decisions and that transaction I am thankful that I do what I do and continue to take action.